Whether you or someone you love has a handicap disability, it’s always a good idea to have plenty of accessibility in your home for whenever you or someone else needs help. Your bathroom remodel in baltimore md could include handicap accessibilities. Professional remodelers can help you draw up and design plans for a more accessible bathroom, then they can put those plans into action.

From wash options to toilet use and grips for stability and comfort, there are a lot of variables to consider. Here are a few ways in which a professional remodeler could help make your bathroom more handicap accessible.

bathroom remodel in baltimore md

Added Hardware for Functional Stability

Hardware for a handicap accessible bathroom means something like a bar for support and stability while in the shower and another bar for steadiness when rising or sitting down on the toilet. If your mind is on d├ęcor, the handicap hardware usually comes in a sleek silver, so it’ll made whatever design you have in mind for your bathroom.

Height Adjustments and Door Expansions: The Musts of a Handicap Accessible Bathroom

If you or another handicap person uses a walker or wheelchair, you’ll need to adjust the height of your sink and countertop, as well as expand the doorway for added width. These are the basics.

Professional Remodelers are Well Versed in Roll-in Showers and Handicap Tub Types

Your bathroom likely isn’t the first that a professional remodeler has helped to make handicap accessible. Ask them about roll-in showers and your best option for tubs. There are step-in bathtubs now that allow handicapped people to bathe and relax in the tub without having to squat to get in or out.

Handicap accessibility is important in helping you or disabled loved ones feel safe and secure in your home’s bathroom. Hopefully, this article helped to give you some ideas on how to design and build a handicap accessible bathroom with the help of professional remodelers.